Welcome to Borderless Destination

Hi everybody!

Today is an important date for us since Borderless Destination is born.

Actually we kept this idea in our minds for a while, but today (finally) we can write the word start.

Borderless Destination is a mix of what we, Michael and Chiara, are. Then, if you are thinking to find something linear, we apologize to say that it won’t be like that. Since we are all, except that linear.

Over here you can find various topics, including lifestyle, travel, some adventures and why not, also disadventures, and much more.

Borderless Destination, in addition to tell about ourselves, our passions, what we do like and don’t to do, it wants to be a push, an encouragement for who, like us, feels different and has a constant necessity to go against the current.

So, it wants to communicate that having a different vision of life isn’t wrong, just we are not all egual, and lucky (otherwise you know how boring!).


We chose to open a Youtube channel, other than showing who is behind Borderless Destination, for two big reasons. The first one is that Michael is a huge passionate of photography and video-making, and today thanks to him we share this passion. Instead, the second one is that me, Chiara, I’ve always been very shy to speak in public and hope that this will help me to get over it.

Meanwhile, the choice to have a blog as well arrived mainly from me, because I can express myself better through writing rather than speaking. But also cause Michael, in opposite to me, doesn’t absolutely like to write, and so we told each other “Why not?!”; I will push myself to talk in front of a camera trying to seem as natural as possible and you to write posts which have logical sense.

And now, missing to tell you why we chose the name Borderless Destination.
Well, simply we translated in English the concept of us that we had in our minds.
Destination with no limits.

And we feel exactly like this, we have a starting point but not an ending one.
We know who we are now but not we will be, where we will be, what we will do, what we will see, if we will like more a thing than another one. And also if this may seem scary, for us it’s a lot thrilling and beautiful as it is.
We don’t want to set to us any limits and this includes this project as well, at the moment we don’t certainly know of which contents we will talk about, the only thing we can guarantee is that will reflect us, simply us.

Now, maybe, this appeared caotic, but don’t worry about that… this will remain a costant! 😆

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