About Us

Who we are

Borderless Destination stems from the desire to share our experiences, through common passions and more. It is a mix of creativity, travel, lifestyle, thoughts, all seasoned with a touch of humour and a little bit of ordinary madness.

Behind this project there are us, Michael and Chiara, two guys with the constant desire to get involved, challenge our limits and the constant need to discover new realities.

So... What is Borderless Destination?

Michael Ceruti
I am a dynamic, positive and social guy. I love travelling, I like the whole IT world and I'm passionate about video-making and photography.
I don't take anything for granted, I always try to give my best and aim constantly to the top.

Act on impulse, follow your instinct!
If you want something, go and take it, even if this means going against the tide.
Chiara Notari
I am a simple, spontaneous and outspoken sunny girl. I always say what I think, regardless of the reaction of others. I'm a little bit a "peperino", I admit it. But I don't tolerate who expresses love in front of you and hates you behind. My passions are travel, writing, cooking, photography and everything about creativity.

My favourite thing about me is that I never give up. If I have a dream I have to chase it!

More about us

  • Together since 2009
  • From Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • '93 Michael e '94 Chiara
  • Currently in Australia
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